Terms of Use

Despite the fact that the ZEUS program today is already a powerful astroprocessor, in many ways ahead of other similar astrological programs, a test period has been underway since 2017. In this connection, anyone can use all the features of the program for free. Technically, it looks like this — at the time of the first installation, the user receives a temporary license, which is automatically renewed every month.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Windows Vista — not tested.
Availability of free space on the hard disk from 100MB.
To be used in the Celestial Sphere program, your video card must support OpenGL 2.1
A high-definition monitor (HiDPI) is recommended (but not required).

Support for Apple Mac OS is planned for the foreseeable future.


The installation process of the program is not complicated. After you download the installation file, run it (you can directly from the archive), and follow the instructions of the installer. At some point, you will need to enter your data (name and email address). E-mail is not needed to confirm registration, but for the further convenience of users. For example, in the future you will be able to receive alerts about various news related to the astroprocessor.


If this is your first time installing an astroprocessor.

Size: 80 MB
Version: v0.26.21.96
Published: 06.04.2021

If you already have an astroprocessor installed.

Size: 16 MB
Version: v0.26.21.96
Published: 06.04.2021
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